Copper Peptide The Key to Gorgeous Age-Defying Skin

Copper Peptide The Key to Gorgeous Age-Defying Skin

What is Copper Peptide?

Copper peptide is a combination of peptide, the most important protein derivative, and copper copper.

You benefited

 Relieves inflammation and antioxidants.
 Stimulates the formation of new skin cells naturally.
 It boosts collagen production in the skin. It increases elastin levels.


Who's it for?

 Degraded skin: For those who want to reduce wrinkles, aging, or relieve mild skin conditions.Because of the copper peptide extract, it has the ability to stimulate collagen and sync 

 Collagen production in the skin.
from free oxide and destruction of free oxides that affect the skin, such as from exposure to sunlight or pollution.

 Skin deprived of moisture: For those who need moisturization and skin hydration. Copper Peptide extract has properties to help nourish and maintain skin moisturing.

 People who want bright skin: For those who want skin that looks bright and healthy. Copper Peptide extract helps in stimulating collagen production and restoring damaged skin.

Caution: A small area of skin test should be taken and symptoms observed to prevent allergies. Within the recommendation of a product specialist.

Developing a formula that contains copper peptide ingredients

It is recommended to develop a skin care formula in the form of a meat product. Serum or cream can be used in a serum or skin cream for full skin care and nutrition, with rapid absorption into the skin.

Copper Peptide Extract is not for anything

Disodium EDTA is not included in the formula, since Disodiam EDTA will contain copper and make copper peptide less potent. There is no vitamin C in the formulation. As copper & vitamin C will not be able to work together, it is recommended to separate the formula and use it over different periods of time.

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