24 May 2022, Revised Edition

Aesthetic Zecret (AT-ZE) Co., Ltd. places a high value on the protection of personal data such as customers, business partners, and so on, which must be protected by law, and the company has always tried to follow it as a guideline. which the use of personal information for exploitation or public disclosure that may cause damage, or making it feasible to identify a person without their consent, is an unsanctioned violation. together with the company's discipline To reassure the owner of the personal information that the company will protect the personal information and implement appropriate security measures.

Conditions of Use

1. Personal data classifications

Personal data refers to information about an individual that can be used to identify that individual. whether directly or indirectly, but does not include specific information about the deceased, such as:

1.1 Personally identifiable information such as name and surname, identification number, and taxpayer identification number
1.2 Contact information such as address, contact location, phone number, email address, line ID, and business card.
1.3 Financial information such as payment information and bank account numbers

2. The reason for gathering, using, or disclosing personal information

2.1 For the benefit of communication and doing business together
2.2 To manage the company's products, including assisting the company in meeting its obligations to its customers and business partners
2.3 To analyze, offer, provide, use, and/or improve the Service. or products of the company or its partners.
2.4. Provide after-service information to customers, including follow-up services, coordinating and resolving problems for customers' partners as needed, such as registration services. Notify or respond to inquiries
2.5 To disseminate information and news
2.6 Gathering customer feedback Partners in the business or activities of the company
2.7 to engage in any action that is directly related

3. Sources of personal data

3.1 Information obtained directly from the data subject

A. Personally identifiable information, contact information, and financial information in accordance with Clause 1 provided by customers and trading partners while interested in the Company's product business, or while interested in selling products or services of partners to the Company, or after that by providing information through an online form on the Company's website. Giving your personal information to the Company's sales or purchasing staff Filling out forms such as promotional booking forms, purchase orders, quotations, production contracts, or contracts Include supporting documentation, such as a copy of your ID card. Copy of house registration, etc. that customers and partners have given to the company in the form of a book or electronic method

B. Customer personal information Partners are provided in electronic communications or other Company activities, correspondence via email address or other communication channels between the Company and its customers, such as telephone, Line, or Facebook.
C. Gather information about how you use the Company's website using cookies from your browser.

3.2 Secondary sources of information

A. Public information Data from various government agencies
B. Information obtained from affiliates of the same company or business group, as well as business partners

4. Timeline for gathering personal information

The following is how the Company will keep your personal information:

A. Purchase orders, quotations, contracts for goods production, and personal information documents It will be stored for the duration of the contract while it is in force.

B. purchase order information, quotations, manufacturing contracts, and personal information documents When the contract period expires or is terminated, the data will be stored for two (2) years from the date of revocation.

C. Information that is internal company documents, such as visitor records to various events, will be kept for (2) years.

D. Information that necessitates legal consultation with agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration. Auditing firms, for example, will be kept for ten years.

5. Personal information disclosure

Personal information will be kept confidential in accordance with the law. and for the purposes stated above, the Company will disclose personal information to the Food and Drug Administration, auditing companies, business partners of the same business or business group, or other persons and entities related, including disclosing personal information to credit information agencies to verify and may use the results of such investigations for fraud prevention.

6. Customers' and partners' rights

6.1 Right to revoke consent
Customers and business partners have the option to withdraw their consent. To process personal information provided by customers Partners have given the Company their consent to store their personal data with the Company for the duration of their partnership.

6.2 Access to personal data
Customers and partners of the company have the right to access their personal data and request that the company make a copy of personal information such as customers and partners. Disclosing the acquisition of personal information from customers and partners without their consent.

6.3 Right to have personal data corrected
Customers and partners of the company have the right to request that the company correct inaccurate or incomplete personal information.

6.4 Right to erasure of personal data
Customers and partners of the company have the right to request that their data be deleted for any reason.

6.5 The right to halt the use of personal data
Customers and business partners have the right to restrict the use of their personal data for any reason.

6.6 Transfer of personal data
Customers and partners of the company have the right to request that the company transfer personal data about them. Partners have contributed to the company's success. for some reason to another data controller or the customer

6.7 Right to object to personal data processing
Customers and business partners have the right to object to the processing of their personal data for any reason.

6.8 Right to file a complaint
Customers and business partners have the right to file a complaint if a personal data controller or processor, including contractors of personal data controllers or processors, violates or fails to comply with data protection laws.

7. Consent Withdrawal Result

- Customers and partners of the company may withdraw consent for the Company to collect, use, or disclose personal information discussed above by notifying the Company, and the Company may request to know about this.

- Withdrawing consent from customers and partners has no effect on the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information to which customers and partners of the company previously consented. In the event that the customer Company's partners wish to withdraw consent for the Company to collect, use, or disclose personal information, the person who revokes the consent will have an impact on communication, doing business together, and the management of the Company's products, including assisting the Company in meeting its obligations to its customers, business partners, and in other cases that result in customers. Partners lose benefits, causing the company to be unable to complete the contract.

8. Contact

Customers and partners can contact to the Company through the following channels:
Name: Legal Department and management system of a organization
Address: Aesthetic Zecret (AT-ZE) Co.,Ltd  43 Thai CC Tower 175-178 FL.17th,
South Sathorn Rd.,Yanawa Sathorn,Bangkok 10120
Contact Information:  Tel +662 116 4257, +662 116 4258 Or +666 1415 8882 

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