AT-ZE Open House 2024

AT-ZE Open House 2024

     Winner Group Enterprise Public Company Limited, a leading food company with over 40 years of experience and widely recognized in the Thai food market, acquired Aesthetic Secret (AT-ZE) Company Limited in 2018. AT-ZE is a provider of health and beauty product manufacturing services, including cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, dietary supplements, and herbs. This year, to emphasize the marketing strategy and the intention to expand into the beauty market, Winner Group is opening the doors of Aesthetic Secret (AT-ZE) by organizing an Open House event from March 12-29, 2024. The company recognizes the unlimited potential of the beauty market in terms of constantly emerging production technologies, popular health and beauty trends among modern consumers, and the growing trend of e-commerce distribution channels. This increases the opportunity to expand the customer base in the beauty market even further.

   Ms. Kanokphan Kriangkraikrit, Chief Executive Officer, revealed that the beauty business trends among Thai customers have changed after the past 2-3 years, which required a change in lifestyle and affected consumer behavior. The demand for beauty products in Thailand has recovered. By monitoring the spending behavior on beauty products, the main trends are reasonable product prices, easily accessible sales channels, and information provided by experts, which are the aspects that brands prioritize. The company recognizes this and has brought in experts to provide knowledge and introduce popular trends in various categories such as skincare, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and packaging. This caters to those who want to create their own brands and produce their own beauty products. The manufacturing facilities are certified by leading production standards organizations such as ISO, GMP, ISO22716, GHPs, HACCP, CODEX, and HALAL. Moreover, the company uses high-quality raw materials from leading global manufacturers in Europe, America, Korea, and Japan. The entire process, from production to finished products, is thoroughly inspected. Therefore, customers can be confident that all products have been researched and developed by experts and meet the international standards that global business organizations prioritize.

    This marks an important starting point in the journey to become a leader in the Thai health and beauty product market while expanding to new customer groups, especially the younger generation. The company plans to accelerate the marketing of health and beauty products, including cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, dietary supplements, and herbs, to attract target customers throughout the year.

   Regarding the overall sales of Winner Group Enterprise Public Company Limited in 2024, it is estimated that with continuous market penetration, the company's total sales will grow by no less than 20% from the previous year. Additionally, the company is interested in expanding to new markets in ASEAN countries. Currently, it has opened markets in Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, and the Middle East. The beauty business market in the ASEAN region tends to expand continuously, following the trend in Thailand, Ms. Kanokphan Kriangkraikrit concluded.


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