How to build success brand for beginners

How to build  success brand for beginners

 How to build success brand for beginners. 


1.Act like a Cotler (Knowledgeable of marketing)

Beginners like us need to understand their business and competitors thoroughly that. What kind of business is ours? What trends are there, growing or declining, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors? Should we go into the field as well? If we get down, what will we take to fight? More importantly, is the customer still interested and like it? Therefore, it is necessary to have a good analysis and a strategic planning in place before we start doing business.


 2.Out Standing !! 

Create a unique identity A unique and uniquely positioned stand
Brand Positioning and Character have to be created so that people will be able to recognize us when they think of it like logo, concept, color scheme, slogan, etc.


 3.Because I'm a CONAN 

Pursue a goal And lock the target correctly This method is to Know the identity of the target audience.
That there are behaviors, thoughts, attitudes in life and consumption. When we are on the right way, we can come up with a strategy. Various methods that allow us to keep these customers in control.


 4.Suddenly! we become a Fortune teller 

All that you know What customers like Create the right content Choose the right tool Because in this era, everything can be scrolled with just the tip of your finger to see them all, but how many content will really catch the attention of customers? And this is to make us become a fortune teller in predicting directions content that target customers like And finally succeeded.

 5.Act like a Windows 

That keeps updating and developing all the time Trying to innovate out to present customers on a regular basis create nice content let customers keep following us. We have to make customers feel that when they without our content, they feel like missing something. The fact that we emphasize them often can lead to sustainable online sales.


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