Know 6 types of supplements to build brands.

 Know 6 types of supplements to build brands.


Has the characteristics of drug powder and various extracts Compress, combine, mix together. To have the desired quantity size There are various forms such as round, oval, square, coated or uncoated


- Fast acting
- set the time to be absorbed.
- can be stored for 1-3 years.
- control the size of the extract and the amount of substances.
- Can set shape, size, weight of tablet.


- Taste and sense of smell more than other types may cause bitter or strong odor.
- Mass production It may affect other expenses such as foil boxes, panels, etc.
- For some people may cause choking on the throat.
- Some brands have a sweet coating.


Capsules like these can be found in most dietary supplements. Available in a variety of sizes The capsule shell is made from various gelatin such as animal gelatin. Easy to swallow.


-Cover up all unpleasant odors of the substance.

-Easy to eat.

-Helps to prevent moisture.

-The substance is absorbed by the stomach immediately.

-Can set the size, quantity, weight, extracts.


- Most capsules use animal gelatin. Vegetarians May not be able to eat
- Limited amount of extracts per serving.


Suitable for containing oily substances such as fish oil, rice bran oil, safflower oil. Including oil-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, K and oil-soluble substances such as Co enzymeQ10, Lecithin, Lutein, etc., for these substances to be absorbed into the body more easily.


- soft gelatin shell Easy to eat
- Helps prevent the smell of food supplements well.
- Helps to increase the efficiency of the body's absorption to be used better.
- You can ensure that there are no foreign objects inside. Since the softgel must be sealed, not leaking.


- The production process relies on high quality technology Resulting in high production costs
- It is more likely to cause damage than other forms.
- People who have problems with acne, oily face or excess sebum May avoid.

4.Vegetarian capsule

Free from components that are Animal products, flour, sugar and allergens Made from cellulose and plant fiber Which is resistant to fungal and bacterial infections.


- Capsules made from vegetable fibers Suitable for vegetarians or non-meat eaters.


- The price of the capsules is quite high.
- Not able to keep for a long time Because the shell is brittle and broken.


For mixing with water to dissolve and drink or fill your mouth to eat. Suitable for substances that have to be treated in large quantities to see results.


- Able to flavor, easy to drink, delicious
- have good absorption.
- Can add various extracts As needed in a single envelope There is no need to take multiple tablets at a time.


- Can only put solution in water As for the fat solution, it has to go through the encapsulation technique to dissolve in water before it can be made into powder
- Keep away from humidity To reduce the risk of damage
- If produced in large quantities, it affects product size and weight. The price will rise accordingly.


It is ready to drink, convenient, fast, portable, and can be used for mixing with various beverages. And suitable for people who are unable to swallow capsules or pills.


- Easy to eat, delicious, convenient
- can be kept for a long time
- Can add the desired amount of extract.


- Need to shake before drinking So that the extract works at full efficiency.
- If it in an area exposed to sunlight or open, drink and refrigerate. Air inlet It may affect the effectiveness of the supplement.
- The price per production unit is quite high.


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